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Monday, November 26, 2012

The legal fighting age is eighteen (or less globally) because wisdom would stop the machine!

Anybody should be able to say anything and get away with it!!! even messy minds When older: your paid in wisdom\understanding\ability\patience\timing\third-eye-type-shit\*
but aside from definitions the kids ain’t hip to the lingo.  ;) :(
The only enemy we must ever defeat, even that of time, is ourselves as all is differing perceptions. ;) :( Ancient and new wisdom by animals…war is for non-thinkers, victims and by fat rich (or stupid i.e. human) fucks!  Rage\claim\accept\teach\allow\* it’s for defence\vengeance\progress\tradition\entertainment\* and more will die of stupidity! 
Whether you believe in evolution or not it happens: math, radio, TV, Blu-ray… I think “We” fight war and try gun-control because education\evolution has not stamped out ignorance-worldwide, yet! Food, schooling, housing, heath-care, green-power, entertainment, science: all things that can pay back.
Benefits for murder and lack of worldwide-educational-funding anyone?
The latest veteran commercial I have seen is a softball game, Pirates (on shirt (fitting: guns and swords);) up to bat, hits the ball to revile he is missing a lag; I'm sorry he and others get hit-up by recruiters and hatred instead of educators! (luckily I had Asthma haha helped me quit smoking cold-turkey too) I have never seen a veteran commercial were the vets and generals weren't all fat! From slums to riches and or dead in ditches\*???
Educated Humans are Uneducated
            ...history (past and present) proves so many facts to fiction!!!
The world looks to the top and wants, to get it you have to take it so it's never yours!-duuu(not to mention minute)1 Education isn’t like that, it always evolves to be positive if not true..  Education and feelings are the only thing you can take to the grave!1  I will only, ever, fight with words(!)2(Educated) for education; fuck the parents of guns!  Anybody should be able to say anything and get away with it!!!  If we're mad that’s because we're human, learn to deal, or the anger will feed the masses!  But, don't we want???

     1(Meditation what rhymes with (and takes) education will put your mind in ease when you die!)  

           2Nothing to fear here, lol
So, evolve or die by another! All or lost,
(bio\chemical\electrical\* as thought—animal—opinion$\&fear) war is always lost by all (!) unless won by all (!) like open source and should be Education!☜<>Whether you like it or not IT'S A PLANET NOT A COUNTRY!

What do we get when paying for any defence\war\etc?
    Liable to kill\Murder?!
    Increased animalistic behavior$?
    History ignored?
    Point missed? (All bad, never life or money back!)

    What do we get when paying for education?

    • Anything!
    We don’t know what we have but we waste it every second!
    Words the only bombs I will ever support—Blam!

    Racism will flip and flop, I would never blame it though considering how stupid it is.

    You can't talk about one nation without braking it into a million views! I could see one of the main ways to hate a country is to be born outside of it and or outward lack of inward understanding who the enemy is; lets give the planet (that we live on(!)) the “dreams” we've been flaunting. Teach a kid to grow\*: E.g.'s -->


    ya ya i know the irony but our stupidity defeats us all¡($adatistically)

                            ▲☝(At lest 4 words combined can you guess?)☝✌
    New$ i$! You lose when you this post\link look@s1e18 WKRP in Cincinnati! :) 
    The death penalty i$ for $tupid fucking moron$, If you believe in it your $o “god” dam $tupid of a vigilante you can't $ee there are no bad guy$ while they are good guy$ and vi$e ver$a!EDUUUU!!!
    Not enough exclamation for EDUCATION! History Lingers, what a mess: here, there, anywhere...

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