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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We Tarzan only K1 fix! ? ? ?
If we say it's the parents (or video and game$, et¢.(even fucking weapon$\our minds)) then what about orphans?+ Nope, the upbringing by the planetary community! On up and down, here and there, like warm spots in the sea ofto put it nicelyhabitat! People rearing people like the ball hitting the ball: tic, tic, tic,,, 

It takes time and education to give the worlds “stuff, thought...”, “education” and “awesomeness” what we want; stop the violence((intellectually kids) shit on this rocks lived 1000's of years(without thought(?)!)!)! Your brain goes off when using drugs like hate so (obviously)educate"Guns don't kill..." something only animals would say, so,,, dicks don't impregnate hu???
! times 7ish and for the(: tic, tic, tic),,educate,love✯◡✯✌

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