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So, if you don't see Home and Older Posts+++near the bottom your not free or seeing the half of it...

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

The War on Kids: The Definitive Documentary on the Failure of the Public Education System

Blogity Blurt:

Zealotriously—EDUCATION should be FREE for ALL(!); like free

Science⚛➬smart enough to not need ∞ answers.

Here (too) the asterisk-symbol\* is used as a wild card or
absolutely anything + links = only examples

in infinite-pssibilities\*..!
...I edit my posts.
(or should LOL)

Jacque Fresco - Are we educated yet? (AI is incomprehncabal untill such time tho ;)

(Links will (sometimes) be this color;-).

Kris Kristofferson • To Beat the Devil (1970)

Support Libraries\or war\stupidity\"god"\*).2012_WEBRip_XViD_juggs

Open all Source (fix me)

Anyone(1!) with billion$, in a world of billions, is trying to twist your arm! All Free:

 (Unless you can or want to help?) (: ☟

Love as in Freedom!

Linux is the heart\kernel of open-source-operating-systems (not like $ʍopuıʍ or mapple) that have an unlimited amount of software for any application. FREE and AWESOME! EASY to use! AND, will never hold back technology or information for money! Updating hardware is expensive enough! ALL older hardware works well with Linux and updates forever*—why pay for non-cutting-edge and non-modifiable $oftware patents?
Software is math, if you patent it you kind of screw up the universe. How about we patent tempos and put pay to play locks on all musical-interments?
Created by hobbyists, scientists, professionals and *on*: open-source—andany of its software's have grown to be user friendly as well as downright amazing, thanks to FREEDOM and free-will! Not to mention: there are almost seven-billion of us and only, how many programmers\+, some screwing the pooch for getting paid too littleormuchwaste of talentlike most politicians (we should revolt fuck them if they don't work)! 
...Open-Source...freeing education for all!!!
Prerequisites to continue reading this page are the next links; 
otherwise you just won’t get it!
Patents\ideas WILL be cloned or shared!
Together we rise, divided we fail; any thing you want on a computer free thanks to you and them!  And so many more...
Did I mention this was all free, shared, AND,
 owned by the public domain; for great purpose!

Your computers Linux based operating-system will install to be very user friendly! ;) And alongside windows if you chose :(
Once you learn to burn an .ISO file to disk, test out the Live-Operating-Systems (available WWW free later in the links ;) then install it; you'll be dual-booting LINUX'S kernel as default! And, only using window’s or mac’s OS for the most proprietary software, e.g. $chool!) And, only if it won't work right in Wine!—(A windows Emulator Software for LINUX!)...*Unless your some sort of super-technician*... ;)
...*Don't pay for software*!!! TEST IT LIVE! (Live runs the OS off the CD\DVD\BLU-RAY\* drive instead of the hard-drive, like most Linux and windows OS's. Software is better and smarter when you or anyone can help! The world needs that money elsewhere and corporations patenting, among other things, 1's and 0's STIFLE OR KILL DEVELOPMENT ON PURPOSE! Just look at ga$ vs Solar power. :O STILL! I.e. Solar technology moves faster than Moore's-Law! But, holding back technology makes money! Like cutting education? NO!!!! :(((Don't think i have enough!)! Sorry got off the sweet topic so now those links :) AND AND ON...
...AND ON and grate on old computers\laptops\ipods too.
Android 4.0.png

I LINUX and you will too, unless your already!


Exploring: Desktop Distribution of the Year: made me want to used my Ubunto, Firefox and Transmissionhere download crunchbang-10-20120207-amd64.bpo.iso, opened K3b double-clicked on the downloaded .iso file then clicked-[burn] afterwards rebooted, cd in drive...(booting to cd\dvd dive\#! on a vaio\i5) hitting enter for 'Live Session'. Then again, LVE: #!Linux, VLC and on and on, free untouchable apps… (screenshot playing 3,780 .flac, .mp3 and others on a $100 Blu-ray burner at $2 a 22GB disk;) 

Here I’m using Iceweasel(\Firefox), Google Drive, Blogger plus Dropbox to brag. 

And now on to the rest of that distros list. ;)
Fone Displaybang
title was better as Screenbang, worse as Displayinoculate :)

♔ sent by Linux on the iPhone-1 ;)


Next: make my own, OPEN SOURCE(!) jPhone...

The bottom image is a lesson learned. Aways, make sure the hardware++ is open source as well! Having to use windows to program it or set it up for Linux is bull shit. No wonder it costs twice as much as the Raspberry Pi.
Boo Netduino, at least I can stack open hardware onto it. ;)

Live, love, die, Raspberry Pi with HDMI: (a cheap, tiny, unlimited computer;) and, to microsoft, mac, verizon-wireless and on—Open-Source in your eye!  :o

Sweet (don't eat)! ;) And cheap, flood the universe my friends (and on).  

Don’t think of a computer (perhaps super) as a brain but a single cell.  In the future computers, consistency will not be what they give us…it will take work (not that it hasn’t, thx) to make them do right, just like kids and parents.  I posit humans, especially baby’s\* fade in and out of understanding until a firm set of nonchaotic rules, within changing chaos. So, enjoy life and if you need a computer (but can't afford it) try Pi. Until robots buy us.

A 1.5" display, for (I'm thinking) hanging at the end of a hats visor :)

Only $39 for the Pi; the keyboard costs more, lol,

FREE, for the open source operating software—Linux++! And, an OK\go-ahead to modify them (like Arduino and Android!) :))

FREE and open-source, the universe plus VLC Player are spectacular! Just like the exercise\fun\* I get from skateboarding... ;-)

I love putting my DVDs\* on to a hard-drive so I can click though all the main-media-menus or shuffle, not to mention never scratching them. ;)

"Learning Physics Through Free Courses"

I love Clementine and
the Gimp


Next: sk8) then work

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